100g Italy keratin glue beads for hair extensions


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Enhancing hair extensions to the highest level with Italian Keratin Glue Beads

For individuals looking to give their hairstyles more length, volume, and adaptability, hair extensions have grown to be a popular option. Italian keratin glue beads have distinguished themselves among the many techniques by providing a flawless and durable binding. We’ll delve into the world of Italian keratin glue beads and how they’ve transformed the hair extension market in this post.

Recognizing Italian Keratin Glue Beads

The adhesive granules manufactured from high-quality keratin, a natural protein found in human hair, are known as Italian keratin glue beads. These beads are popular among stylists and hair aficionados due to their extraordinary durability and ability to form strong attachments. Italian keratin glue beads have a reputation for dependability, whether used for fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions.

Why Choose Italian Keratin Glue Beads for Hair Extensions?

Best Keratin Glue for Hair Extensions: When it comes to adhesive options for hair extensions, Italian keratin glue beads are considered among the best. Their superior quality ensures a secure and long-lasting attachment, reducing the risk of extensions coming loose prematurely.

Versatility: Italian keratin glue beads are suitable for a wide range of hair extension techniques, including fusion glue hair extensions and pre-bonded extensions. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for various hair types and styles.

Natural Look and Feel: The seamless blend achieved by Italian keratin glue beads creates a natural look and feel. The bonds are virtually undetectable, giving the illusion of naturally long and voluminous hair.

Black Keratin Glue: For individuals with darker hair, black keratin glue beads are available, providing an inconspicuous attachment for a flawless finish.

The Application Process

The application of Italian keratin glue beads for hair extensions requires skill and precision. A professional stylist starts by sectioning the client’s hair to ensure an even distribution of extensions. The keratin glue beads are then carefully melted using a fusion heat connector.

Once the adhesive reaches the ideal consistency, the stylist attaches individual extension strands to small sections of natural hair, forming a secure bond. This meticulous process continues until the desired look is achieved, resulting in a stunning transformation.

Italian Keratin Granules: A Step Towards Perfection

Italian keratin granules are an essential component of the application process. These finely crafted granules ensure that the keratin glue beads have the ideal consistency for a seamless and strong bond. The granules are designed to melt quickly and evenly, guaranteeing a secure attachment that lasts for weeks.

Maintenance and Removal

Proper maintenance is crucial for extending the lifespan of hair extensions attached with Italian keratin glue beads. Regular check-ups with a professional stylist are recommended to ensure that the bonds remain intact and healthy. The stylist can also provide valuable tips on how to care for the extensions at home.

When the time comes to remove the extensions, it is crucial to seek professional assistance. A stylist will use a specialized keratin bond remover to dissolve the adhesive gently, minimizing any potential damage to the natural hair.


Italian keratin glue beads have revolutionized the world of hair extensions, offering a reliable and seamless solution for those seeking a flawless transformation. With their exceptional durability, versatility, and natural look and feel, these beads have earned their place among the best adhesive options for hair extensions. If you are considering hair extensions, consider the magic of Italian keratin glue beads to elevate your hairstyle to perfection. Remember to always seek the expertise of a professional stylist for the best results and a stunning new look that turns heads.

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