keratin glue stick for hair extensions

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  • 12 pieces one pack
  • 0.7cm wide and 10cm long
  • three color options
  • premium keratin glue
  • easy to melt for hair extension

The Application of Keratin Glue Sticks for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have long been a popular way to add length, volume, and style to one’s natural hair. Among the various methods used for hair extension application, keratin glue sticks have emerged as a revolutionary tool, simplifying the process and delivering outstanding results. In this essay, we will explore the application of keratin glue sticks for hair extensions and the transformative impact they have had on the beauty industry.

Understanding Keratin Glue Sticks

Keratin glue sticks are adhesive tools specially designed to bond hair extensions to natural hair. Keratin, a natural protein present in human hair, is the key ingredient in these sticks, ensuring a seamless integration between the extensions and the existing strands. The glue sticks are available in different sizes and colors to accommodate various hair types and shades, making them versatile and widely applicable.

The Application Process

The application of hair extensions using keratin glue sticks is a straightforward and efficient process. A skilled stylist starts by selecting the appropriate color of keratin glue stick that closely matches the client’s hair color. Then, the extension strands are dipped into heated glue to ensure an even distribution of adhesive along the keratin bonds.

With the extension strands ready, the stylist carefully places each strand near the client’s roots and uses a hot tool, such as a fusion iron, to melt the keratin glue. As the glue melts, it forms a secure bond between the extensions and the natural hair, ensuring a long-lasting hold without causing any damage.

Advantages of Keratin Glue Sticks for Hair Extensions

The application of keratin glue sticks for hair extensions offers numerous advantages, making them a preferred choice among hair enthusiasts and professionals:

Natural Look and Feel: The seamless blend achieved by keratin glue sticks results in hair extensions that are virtually undetectable. This natural look and feel boost the client’s confidence, as the extensions blend seamlessly with their own hair.

Long-Lasting Hold: When applied correctly, keratin glue sticks provide a robust and durable hold. This means clients can enjoy their hair extensions for an extended period without worrying about them slipping or coming loose.

Damage-Free: Unlike some other hair extension methods that may cause damage or stress to the natural hair, keratin glue sticks are gentle and do not harm the existing strands when applied and removed by a professional.

Versatility: Keratin glue sticks can be used for various hair extension techniques, whether it’s adding length, volume, highlights, or experimenting with different hairstyles. The versatility of these glue sticks caters to diverse hair extension needs.

Unquestionably, keratin glue sticks have transformed the field of hair extensions by making the application more straightforward and producing beautiful, natural-looking results. Their use has revolutionized the beauty sector and attracted both amateurs and experts in the field of hair. Keratin glue sticks have established themselves as an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to enhance their hair with extensions because of their simple application, stronghold, and damage-free qualities. The magic of keratin glue sticks is expected to remain a significant and influential force in the world of hairstyling as the acceptance of hair extensions increases.




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